Help us translate Yapbam to your language

Do you speak English?
Are you interested in helping us make Yapbam available in your language?
Are you ready to give us (very little) time?

If the answer is yes, Welcome aboard!


Yapbam translations are managed with the Crowdin tool.
Don't be afraid, this tool is really very friendly!

You will have to

  • Create an account on https://crowdin.com/ or log in with one of the proposed options.
  • Go to https://crowdin.com/project/yapbam
  • Click on the language you want to contribute to, and on one of the "translate buttons".
    You will be redirected to the translation tool:
    • The left column contains the texts used in Yapbam. The ones that need translation have a leading red light.
    • The right column may contain comments on the text to be translated, but, usually, it contains ... nothing ;-)
    • You can enter the translated text in the center column. At the bottom of this column, you have suggestions. To copy a suggestion to the input field, just click on it.
      Once the translation is ok, don't forget to click the Commit button
    • Last thing you have to known:
      Into some lines there are { and } signs with strange content in the middle of them.
      This 'strange content' has to remain unchanged, it is automatically filled by Yapbam at runtime.
      For instance: In the line "MainFrame.CurrentBalance=current balance: {0}" ,Yapbam automatically replaces {0} by the current balance.
      When editing such lines you'll have to be careful and not change the {...} pattern

If you have any problem, or any question, feel free to contact us at translation@yapbam.net.

PS: Translate the whole application requires a lot of work. If you only have a little time, just translate few sentences. Any help will be appreciated :-)


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