Frequently asked questions

Is Yapbam free?

Yapbam is distributed under GPL v3 license. This means that you are free to download, use, and distribute Yapbam.
If you are a developper, you can also get the source code, modify it, copy this code in your own application. In such a case, your software must also be distributed under a GPL license.

Can I use Yapbam on a non-Windows computer?

Yes, the only thing Yapbam needs is Java (1.6 or more) to be installed on the computer, and it is on a lot of computers (Linux, MacOs, ...).
Download section contains instructions to use Yapbam on MacOs and Linux.

I have problem using Yapbam, who can help me?

The first thing to do is to have a look at the tutorial.
If you don't get the answer, please post a question to Yapbam user's forum.
If you have any problems with the link above, an alternative is to send an email to support@yapbam.net.

How can I submit a bug report or an enhancement request?

You can submit bug reports here. Feel free, your feedback is very important for the development team ... and for other users.
To help us analyse problems, always mention the version of Yapbam (available in the menu "?/About"), the operating system used and, if possible, the version of java.

Enhancement requests can be posted here.
We study every request ... Although we can not satisfy them all.

How to uninstall Yapbam?

Simply delete the directory where you installed Yapbam.
If you really, really, do not want Yapbam anymore, destroy your data files. But remember to save your data with the export functionnality.

Where get I get Yapbam source code?

Yapbam is hosted on SourceForge.
Source code is available at https://sourceforge.net/p/yapbam/code/HEAD/tree/.

Can I help Yapbam?

Yes, definitly yes.
All details are given on the "Help Yapbam" page.

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